How do you get and maintain stubble beard

maintain stubble beard
June 1, 2017

When you are determined to add some interesting vibe to your face, don’t hesitate to try a stubble beard. This style makes your jaw look more angular, increasing your masculine look, with a touch of dangerous appeal.

The stubble beard is a good option when you don’t want a full beard, but you still want to add some ruggedness to your look.

The details

Not all stubble beards are the same and the most popular choice is the “five o’clock shadow”, aka “designer stubble”. This light stubble grows during the day between the morning shaves.

Groom Designer Stubble - stile italianoIf your facial hair grows fast, it may be visible in the evening, after your morning shave. If not, you should wait around 2-3 days. The hair looks like a shadow on the bottom of your face.

When you already have a grown beard and mustache hair a little longer, you may give up on the beard trimmer and try this style. Check out more miglior regolabarba choices.

The stubble is a good choice when you don’t really enjoy shaving or if your face doesn’t take shaving very well. It’s a style to try when your face has a baby vibe or if you can’t grow a beard for professional/religious reasons.

Try not to go with this style if you don’t have the patience to trim, shape and maintain the stubble beard, though.

How to do it

You don’t need  to have special skills when it comes to getting a stubble beard. You only need to stop shaving and to …wait. As hair doesn’t grows evenly across your face, you need to style it and to trim it to avoid the patched and different thickness of your stubble.

Unfortunately for many of you out there, the hair grows in weird places (high up the cheeks, down past the Adams apple), so it’s a bit challenging to get the nicely groomed stubble beard. You have to remove all the hair outside the natural growth area, including the tops of your cheeks. Do the same for the low-neck area, giving a nice edge to stubble. Yet again, if you’re lucky enough, you may not need to do any of these things.

Not matter how much shaping you need to do though, always remember not to use shaving foam, but a shaving oil/gel that doesn’t produce any foam or lather. You may even see better where to shave.

Apart from spending some time on shaping the beard, you may also use few tricks for faster and nicer results. You may use a good beard oil that feed your skin and hair follicles. This means the beard grows faster.

Maintaining the stubble beard

You don’t have to cut/clean the beard every single day, but you do have to take care of it a couple of times a week to avoid a scruffy bum.

You may shave every couple of days so that you hold on to the shadow look, with minimal risk for getting a full beard.

Maintaining a Stubble step 1

You may also use some clippers (just as the hairdressers use), keeping a nice level for the hair. The clippers are quite cheap and easy to find, so this is a good option. Get the adjustable clippers so you may set the level of length or prickliness.

When you want a very short shadow look, set your clippers at 0.5mm and go for a 2mm level when you want your beard to be longer. Keep in mind to always trim in the direction your facial hair is growing.

Maintaining a Stubble step 2

Don’t apply too much pressure, as you don’t want to end up with a patchy stubble beard. Now it’s a good time to observe better, how fast your facial hair is growing. The faster it grows, the sooner you need to trim and the stubble beard needs constant maintain, for sure.

When you’d like a polished look, set a line on your neck and shave below on regular basics. Step up your game, start another line on the cheeks line, and shave above constantly.

No matter your final choice though, keep in mind that this style requires some commitment. Stylish and elegant, it’s totally worth it, in the end.


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